Watching Bryan Iguchi in videos at age 14 got me stoked to get good at snowboarding. And now, more than ever, he continues to keep me and the rest of the snowboarding world stoked.

I also have to point out that whoever made this video about backcountry riding took a few seconds to explain how to be responsible out there and snowed more than 3 seconds of snow assessment.    




Alex Lowe Peak attempt 3-8-14

 Saddle of Mount Blackmore and Elephant Mountain.

 Beautiful touring.

Opted to try the east ridge since the east face had huge cornices and all the natural activity we had seen had been triggered by natural cornice drops.

Horrible snow for ridge ascent. We opted to turn around here with bad weather moving in. 

Nice turns back into the basin.

An amazing day in the mountains. Great to get back into Alex Lowe basin. 


Great February

We got a whole lotta snow up here in February.

Cooke City got more snow in February than California has had all season. This means that we should be able to find good corn skiing in the Beartooths all summer.  

It's an exciting setup for the rest of the season. I've been missing some of the deeper days, but I've been able to get up and snurf a bit up at Bridger. 


Dawn Patrolin'

Headed up the short side of Mt Ellis with the always reliable Sam H early Monday morning. 

Scuba Steve.

Good stability and super fun turns. 

The lower gullies are filled in beautifully.


The Backyard Project

Good video filmed up in Squamish. Makes me excited for things to settle out there in backcountry land.